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45 Days and Counting….
February 13, 2014

45 Days and Counting….

Made it through night three in a hostel and I’ve come to a simple realization that hostels are not for me! My Starwood hotel membership doesn’t mean doodly here! Hosteling in New Zealand is like camping, and don’t get me wrong, I love camping! I”m an Ohio girl and I can rough it just like the rest of them, I’m just not sure I can do it for the next 45 days in New Zealand and Australia.

Our first night we stayed at a camp site in dormitory style rooms. The bathrooms and showers were not connected and were in another facility. So needless to say I”ve stopped drinking water after 7pm so I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. In order to work some showers you have to push a button that allows the water to run for 5 minutes only! These New Zealanders really love to save the planet; guess that explains why it’s so beautiful here.

I met a girl from Findland, named Hanne and we have been able to stay in the same room the past few nights. On the second day we booked it to the front desk to be first in our room and scored the bottom 2 bunks. Then five minutes later, a german couple, newly in-love strolled in. They were our bunk mates for the night, “shoot me please”!! This particular hostel was in the mountains. It was absolutely beautiful but when I woke up this morning to go to the bathroom there were about 15 bees and a couple cicadas in there.

The whole back-pack thing is also starting to wear on me. The constant unpacking and re-packing is never-ending since my tour takes us to a new location everyday. It’s been over a month since I”ve been on the road and I still can’t figure out an easy way to pack this thing. It’s busting at the seems even though I”ve been pitching stuff left and right to make more room. Then sometimes if I get really “lucky”, there are people in my room who aren’t leaving the same day I am so I have to pack my bag the night before and then quietly get ready in the pitch black darkness in the morning. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for the past 2 days because they are at the top of my bag and its just too hard to find other stuff in the dark. Wet towel anyone? I”ve been carrying around a wet towel for the past 3 days and everytime I remember to hang them out to dry before I go to bed it rains! It’s happened the last 2 nights. I can’t win, I may just have to pitch it.

The hostels in New Zealand don’t provide breakfast so we stop at grocery stores everyday and buy food, to HAND-CARRY in my case since there is no room in my bag. I honestly feel like a bag lady! Before I left, as a last minute thought, I splurged on this silk liner for my hostel beds. It’s a sheet that is sewn at the ends and it’s like a sleeping bag. This was the best purchase that I could’ve made before this trip! Every night when I climb into these random beds I just snuggle into this liner and I at least feel safe and CLEAN.

Hanne keeps telling me that this is good for me and that it will help me grow as a person. I am traveling for 6 months alone and can only check emails when I”m in wifi areas, isn’t that enough growth? Hanne and I part ways today so I’m not quite sure who will be giving me my pep talks after she leaves.

I know that I am a lucky girl to be doing what I’m doing, but I’m feeling really down at the moment. I heard this happens when you’re on the road for so long. You have ups and downs and they come in waves. But then when I see all these beautiful sites around me in this amazing country I know that it’s all worth it and I can stick it out. One can do anything for a 45 days right?

Hanne and I on the bus!

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