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6 Day Camping Trip
March 29, 2014

6 Day Camping Trip

So now looking back I don’t think that I realized how long 6 days of camping without electricity, wifi and showers really is. Well I can tell you one thing, it’s about 5 days too long in my book! Just kidding I had a lot of fun but we were truly roughing it out there.

When we arrived to our first camp site, it was just before sunset, time was not on our side. Our guide told us to partner up and start putting up our tents. Put up our tents? I mean I knew we were camping but I didn’t know that we would actually be responsible for setting up our tents every night…..oh well it was too late to turn back. Unfortunately there was an odd number of campers and after giving myself a second to digest that I would be sleeping in a swag for the next 5 nights, I realized that everyone had already found a partner and I was the odd man out. At first I was happy! Hey no roomate this is awesome! That feeling quickly passed, because no roommate meant no one to help me set up my tent! I was just taking my tent out of the bag and everyone else already had their poles assembled and space claimed. I finally got my tent halfway up and my guide came over and said, you know what, I think you got the broken one, put this away and get another one. What the heck I thought? Why would they put broken tents back in the pile and out of everyone in the group how did I get this one?! By the time I found another tent in the back of our trailer, everyone had their’s up and were laying out their swags and getting nice a cozy. For the Americans reading this blog, swags are what the Australians use when camping. It looks like a big giant camouflaged potatoe sack and inside is a thin (and I mean EXTREMELY thin) mat and a sleeping bag. It took me over an an hour to get my tent up that night, there has got to be an easier way I thought. My problem was solved the very next day.

I did it, all by my lonesome!

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