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Abel Tasman
February 25, 2014

Abel Tasman

Our first stop on the South Island was Abel Tasman National Park. We were here for 2 nights and all I wanted to do was RELAX since this was the first time I would be in the same bed for more than 1 night. Ma belle amie Angelie from Paris was also up for some rest and relaxation so we decided go sailing for the day. What’s so amazing about Abel Tasman National Park is that it’s right on the ocean. So you get the nature and the hiking combined with the ocean. The color of the water was insane. It was turquoise, green, dark blue and light blue all at the same time. The sand on the beaches was a deep golden color and it was so soft that it felt like butter on your feet. We were on the boat the whole day and stopped at a secluded beach for lunch and a swim then continued on. The boat we sailed on was a catamaran so we were able to sit in the front on the netting and see the water below us. I popped in my headphones and jammed to Van Morrison the entire day while working on my tan. It was definitely the rest and relaxation that we needed.

Baby sea lions! My favorite animal!

Our boat!


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