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Airlie Beach Blues
March 9, 2014

Airlie Beach Blues

While I was in New Zealand many people told me that I had to go to the Whitsundays in Australia. Every person I talked to said it was their favorite place in all of Oz. So after much contemplation, re-working my trip, chucking an already bought plane ticket, cutting off days in Cairns and Sydney and paying big bucks I was heading on a 10 hour grey-hound bus to the Whitsundays. The launch pad for the Whitsundays is a town called Airlie Beach. I planned to spend one night in Airlie Beach, take a 2-night boat cruise to the Whitsundays and then spend one more night upon my return in Airlie beach before I flew out to Sydney.

I arrived to Airlie Beach and was contacted by the boat company saying that my tour had been cancelled due to cyclones. I never grew up on water so I had no idea what that meant and found out that it basically means a tornado on the water. They told me that all boat trips were cancelled by the marine authority for the next week! I am sooooo bummed. Airlie Beach is a little beach town with one main street full of travel agencies, beach shops and bars and I am stuck here for 4 days as it rains.

Make the best of it with my other stranded bunk mates!

Make the best of it with my other stranded bunk mates!

I walked up and down the main road a dozen times yesterday and am officially bored out of my mind. The city is in the middle of nowhere and the closest movie theater is 2 hours away. I googled, “what to do in Airlie Beach when it rains” and I kid you not the list consisted of; write a postcard, make plans to leave…..WTF!! While the owners of my hostel are really sweet, lets be honest, it’s a dump and I’ve been hanging out in the communal lounge for the past 48 hours sitting on a dirty couch that is probably older than me.

I”m really trying to be positive since I have no control over the weather but as the hours slowly tick by it’s becoming difficult. I have to keep in mind that I never even knew about the Whitsundays and had no intention of ever going here over a month ago so it’s not something that was in my original travel plans. Hopefully the beaches in Bali, the Philippines and Thailand will make me forget about what I missed here. Some things you can do in Airlie Beach when it rains? Surf the web, blog, drink tea to make you feel better, stare out a window and sulk, read and go for a run. At least I’m taking off a few pounds I put on in New Zealand!

here’s what i’m missing…….c’est la vie!

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