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July 3, 2014


As soon as I got to my bungalow, I actually unpacked my entire bag and put all my contents in the dresser. I can not describe the feeling of how good it felt to not living out of a bag, it was glorious! I headed straight to the beach where within a few minutes I heard my name called. Amanda?? What are you doing here? My old friends Barone and Ludra had spotted me right away and were shocked to see me. “You’re back?” “Yes” I said, “so what are the plans for the evening?”. They laughed and said, “the usual, playing music and drinking rice wine on the beach of course”

They were speaking with another tourist named Prudie who I actually become pretty good friends with until she left 6 days later. Prudie is another Gili Meno “junkie” and has been there 4 times. Once you see this place, you become addicted. Prudie is from London and is half English and half Zimbabwean.

Everyone knew Prudie well. She loves to drink Bloody Mary’s and is very particular on how she likes them made. In Indonesia, Bloody Mary’s don’t exist so she actually brought her own indredients and taught the staff at Mallias Child (where we hung out everyday) how to make them. They could not understand how people drink vodka in the morning but as long as she kept asking, they kept serving them to her.

The crew with Prudie’s Bloody Mary ingredients!

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