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Beep Beep!!
January 29, 2014

Beep Beep!!

My driver met me in Pokhara the afternoon of day 2 and we made the 6 hour drive back to Kathmandu. I hadn’t realized until now that I have not been on the road at night since starting this trip and thank god for that! My driver was amazing but it was 6 hours of white-knuckle driving on a 2 lane highway through the mountains. Add in hair-pin turns and many unpaved stretches with grooves so deep they could easily take your muffler off if you don’t take it down to 2mph and you get the picture. In India and Nepal no one uses a blinker, their horns are their blinkers, so if you want to pass a truck, a car, a moped, a cow you honk your horn to signal. Being in a smaller car we obviously had to pass some of the slower moving vehicles and it was quite entertaining. There is definitely an art to this because the streets are never empty so you have to time the pass just perfectly. At one point, I was mentally cheering my driver on almost as if it was a game, hoping he would make the pass in time before the oncoming traffic got too close. Then I realized that I was in the car with him and if he didn’t make it, I wouldn’t make it either, needless to say that game quickly came to an end. In any case I made it back safe and sound and I was never so happy to take my first shower in 48 hours!

Boys hitching a ride on an oil tank. Can you even?

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