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Below My Feet
January 29, 2014

Below My Feet

“let me learn from where I have been”- Mumford and Sons

Amy and I arrived to Nepal and thought we had died and went to heaven on arrival. The people here are nice without expecting tips, no one tried to scam us, shop vendors DO take “no” for an answer, vegetables are washed in purified water, shopping was cheap, no random cows roamed the streets, there was heat in our hotel room and a full roll of toilette paper was supplied in our bathroom….heaven I tell you! In addition, the women have a little bit of meat on their bones here and most have nose rings….I fit right in!

We each decided to do our own thing in Nepal and the next morning I headed straight to Pokhara on a 30 minute flight to do a 2-day trek.The agent I worked with to book the trek told me to sit on the right side of the plane in order to get the best views and I’m so glad that I did. The view of the mountains took my breath away! I was listening to my ipod on shuffle as I was enjoying the sights from the plane and the song “Below My Feet” from Mumford and Sons came on. This is probably my favorite song from them; the lyrics speak to my heart and sooth my soul. I”m sure there are many interpretations but I hear the song as a conversation with God about being humble. Without warning tears slid down my cheeks; it was the beauty of the Himalayas, the lyrics of the song and the realization that I was FINALLY on this incredible journey. It was almost as if God was sending me a message…..to enjoy each moment of this trip, don’t take it for granted and stay humble the next 5 months when you are a guest in all these beautiful countries.

view of the Himalayas from the plane

Here is the Mumford and Sons song I was referring to. Unfortunately due to the wifi here I am unable to embed it to this post and have to use a link!


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