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May 5, 2014


Bohol looked like the Philippines that I imagined in my dreams. Small villages, windy roads, palm trees and greenery all surrounded by ocean. This part of the Philippines I noticed was more holy than the other parts and at times I felt like I was in little old Carey, Ohio. Everyone asked what religion I was and if I believed in Jesus. In fact, the trykes here are not allowed to operate unless they have a bible verse printed on the back. Apparently they don’t have “division of church and state” on this island.
The first day, I decided to take a tour of some local sights and the famous Chocolate Hills. These hills are millions of years old and used to be mounds of coral under the ocean. That’s why no trees are growing on them because there is no soil beneath, just coral. I was also able to see Tarsiers that day, they are the tiniest monkeys in the world. The Philippines is home to these these little creatures and they are so small you can hold them in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately they are all in sanctuaries now because they are endangered. They are nocturnal but most don’t have eye lids so it looks like they are awake when they are actually sleeping.

Here are some pictures of the rest of my day.

Men making traditional knives that are used to chop down coconuts

This boa had just finished consuming an entire chicken, you can see it in the bulge of his stomach. Yikes!

Chocolate Hills

Tiny tarsiers

This church was destroyed during the earthquake last October. It’s odd but the only buildings that were destroyed were churches like this one. Most of the churches in the Philippines were built by the spanish with coral and egg shells so the ones in Bohol didn’t stand a chance once the earthquake hit.

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