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January 10, 2014


I’m on hour and a half into an 18 hour overnight train ride and I’m already going stir crazy!Yesterday we took a 6 hour train from Delhi to Amritsar and remember the poverty I was talking about in the previous post? Well that doesn’t even come close to what I saw from my train! We left the train station at 7:30AM and about 10 minutes in I saw all these men squatting on the train tracks just watching us pass. I asked Amy why they were hanging out on the tracks so early and then it clicked, they weren’t hanging out, they were taking their morning $#it!!! I couldn’t believe it. I read some books about India recently and the characters talked about going to the train tracks in the morning but I didn’t realize they did this for real! For the first time in my life I was speechless. Those that live in the slums don’t have running toilettes to use so they come to do their business on the train tracks each morning. In addition to that, men pee anywhere they please morning, noon and night; on the sidewalks, on sides of buildings, even out of a moving trains… yep I looked out this very train I’m on now before we had left the station only to find a man on the train next to me peeing out of thedoor….wtf! The first day Amy and I arrived we were the only ones using the sidewalk as everyone else was walking in the street. After seeing all these men pee on the sidewalks the past few days we realized why no one walks there.Note taken!

The stuff I’ve seen out my windows is surreal. There are so many communities built right next to the train tracks. Everyone hangs out here even when the train is driving by- they just move to the next track over. I looked down at one point and saw 4 little kids playing so close to our moving train that they could reach out and touch it. Below are some pictures that I took during the ride. They are not the best quality as I’m having problems with the wifi here.
Just a normal day hanging out by the tracks
Slums next to the train tracks
Didn’t realize this until after I took it but the 2 men on the left are doing their business!

Heading to the bathroom I assume?

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