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Camping Day 2
March 29, 2014

Camping Day 2

The first night camping was not that bad despite it being freezing and using an outhouse with a stench that would take your breath away (in a bad way). Our guide cooked us up the tastiest pasta a la carbona that I’ve eaten in years and we all pitched in to do the dishes, albeit in a bucket of dirty water. I can’t even imagine all the germs that were exchanged on this trip, especially since me and a few others were always assigned to dishes and lets just say, dishes are not my forte! A rinse and a quick once over with a dirty sponge are all my hands are capable of when I can’t see the bottom of a wash bucket.

We made our way to Esperance the next morning where we took a 3 mile walk showcasing the most beautiful beaches that I ever laid eyes on. Stark white sand, beautiful cliffs and the bluest blue water that is only in your dreams. This is what paradise must be like, and the beauty of it all? There was absolutely NO ONE on these beaches, they were desolate, nothing but us and the footprints we left behind.

**FYI, these pictures are not enhanced.

Hellfire Beach

Look at the different colors of the water in this one, it truly looked like that to the naked eye!

My favorite beach of the three:Thistle Bay

Lucky Bay Beach

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