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Change of Plans
April 23, 2014

Change of Plans

The days on Gili Meno passed by in a flash and I did not want to leave. The next stop of my trip was on Java in a city called Yogyakarta. It was supposed to be a big city with beautiful temples and from there I would fly to Jakarta (mother big city) for a day and then leave for my next country. I left Gili Meno and took the hour and a half boat back to Bali and then a 2 hour car ride to my hotel for the night and planned to fly out the following afternoon.

When I got back to Bali it was like sensory overload. So many people, it was loud, hundreds of cars and mopeds honking their horns, it was dirty (compared to where I had come from) and there were peddlers at every corner. For the first time in my life, a big city was overwhelming to me! I was still bummed about leaving Gili Meno so I thought some retail therapy would help to pass the time.

Whenever I visit different countries I always seems to fall inlove with one thing in particular that they specialize in. In Vietnam is was bowls made out of coconuts, in Morocco it was the “Aladdin” styled pants, in France it was skirts that were meant to be worn over pants, in Nepal it was the hand-knitted winter hats and in Bali……it was the rompers! I bought 3 more to get me through the next 3 months in the southeast asian heat and decided to ship some of my colder clothes I’d worn in NZ and India back home.

That night I went to the beach in Seminyak and had a beer to watch the sunset amongst the hoards of people. I couldn’t imagine going to Yogyakarta the next day which was supposed to be even a bigger city then this. I really just wanted to go back to Gili Meno. Then all of the sudden, like a lightening bolt, a thought crossed my mind, “why not go back”? Ok yes it would cost me a few hundred bucks and a couple of plane tickets that I would have to toss but who cares. This was a once in a lifetime trip and why not do what I want to do, there were no rules. You only live once right? And my motto of 2014 has been, “do more of what makes you happy” and Gili Meno did just that.

I guzzled my beer and booked it back to my hotel to see if I could pull this off and switch some plane tickets around and the next morning at 7AM I was making the 2 hour drive back to the boat harbour that would bring me back to Gili Meno. Exactly 24 hours later, I was back on my little island. As I got off the boat and was walking back to Tunai Cottages to ask Ronni for a room a few people passed me on bikes and said, “welcome back Amanda”! I had never even talked to these people the first time but they seemed to remember me. I knew I had made the right choice!

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