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Coron Town
May 5, 2014

Coron Town

The following morning I decided that it was time to get out and explore Coron Town. It was a really small town and not much to do so I decided to go to another hotel and pay to use their pool for the day since the heat was unforgiving. Later in the evening I took a tryke (the Philippine’s version of a tuk-tuk) to the hot springs and was quite entertained by the children there.

Trykes are the way to get around in the Philippines, it’s basically a motorcycle with a carriage attached. They pick up people as they go and I’ve seen as many as 8 people on one including the back seat of the motorcycle behind the driver.

In big cities they use bigger ones to get around called Jeepnys.

This is the Philippines signature dessert drink called a Halo-Halo. It literally translates to “mix-mix” and contains crushed ice, coconut milk, red beans, ice cream,chewy things and yummy goodness. It was delicious and I had about 4 during my time here.

Hot Water Springs

No Buddhist or Hindu temples in the Philippines just good old fashion statues of Mary.

This little girl was named Amanda (apparently it’s a really popular Filipino name). She had one crossed-eye and was the happiest kid I’d ever met. For some reason she wasn’t allowed to get in the water that day but she got creative and found a way to get wet!

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