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Cruising the Backwaters
February 4, 2014

Cruising the Backwaters

We finished our last day in South India on a houseboat cruising the backwaters of Kerala. After finding ourselves in some not so great hotels this past month, it was nice to be put on a luxury boat. We had our own rooms with king size beds, personal bathrooms, AC and 3 men that waited on us hand and foot. We floated on the back waters for the entire afternoon while stuffing our faces with the never-ending food that kept appearing out of nowhere.

While reading my book at sunset, with the wind in my hair, birds bobbing in the water, kids laughing along the banks and the low hum of the motor on our boat, my heart was totally at peace. I relished in it all and tried to take a mental picture of this very moment. The next time I have a job and feel completely stressed out, I promised to transport myself back to this serene setting where nothing will be able to get the best of me.

sporting my new alladin pants

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