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November 9, 2013

Done & Done

Well I did it! After 8 months or 240 days rather, I finally quit! I’ve been counting down for so long it feels surreal. But, this is really happening; I’m leaving NYC and traveling for 6 months….it’s official! When I first decided to leave I got a


countdown app on my phone and titled it “Done & Done”.  Every time I got frustrated at work I would open that app to see how much longer I had left. Most of the time it felt like eternity when I glanced down, and was almost detrimental at times to see how much longer I had to go. But I remember when I got down to double digits, then single digits, then hours and finally minutes! It’s been fun the last few weeks to see how drastically that number has changed from the first day I glanced down.

I had decided to give notice at 4pm on Friday November 8th.  So at 3:58pm I took my phone into the bathroom to see what would happen when my countdown finished. Maybe an alarm would go off or maybe there would be fireworks on my screen or music or flashing lights?!?! I wasn’t sure so I went into a stall to watch the final one minute countdown. Well for the record, nothing happens! The count just starts over! Ha! At 5pm I was out the door and went to my going away party where I danced and drank the night away with about 30 friends, a great end to the longest week of my life!

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