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January 19, 2014


Today we ventured off the beaten path and booked a day at an elephant farm. While it was nothing like we imagined, we still had a good time and learned a few things while we were at it. For example elephants originated from Africa and Asia (the ones that are in India) and there are significant differences between the two:
1. Asian elephants have spots while the African ones are all one color
2. African elephants have big floppy ears (think Dumbo) and Asian ones have small ones
3. Elephants from Asia are less aggressive and much smaller than their African counter-parts
4. Asian elephants have 5 toes and African elephants have 4 toes

We began first by painting the elephants. In India they paint elephants for big festivals and weddings. For all you animal lovers out there, don’t worry the paint we used was human body paint so its not harmful……so we were told….but then again it’s hard to trust anyone here but more on that another time. Our elephant was a girl and her name was Rangmalla and I loved her! After painting her they showed us how to mount and ride her bare back so I decided to give it a try. Rangmalla put her trunk on the ground and then I was told to grab on to her ears and climb up her trunk. It was scary because no one was spotting me as you can see from the pictures below. This NEVER would’ve happened in America, I’m sure we would be breaking all sorts of safety codes. Once I was on we took a stroll in the neighborhood. While I was out and about a little girl spotted me and started yelling at the top of her lungs for her friends. Within 5 seconds 15 kids came running from their tent homes to wave at me and shout “hello” and “chapati”,their word for bread. The picture below only captured one of the girls but there are about 14 other kids lined up behind her.

When we came back we fed Rangmalla bananas and bread. Elephants eat 500lbs of food a day…..what a life!

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