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Gili Sudak
July 3, 2014

Gili Sudak

A few days before Prudie left she mentioned that she had always wanted to see a place in Indonesia called Gili Sudak. She heard so many things about it that she actually uses “gili Sudak” as one of her usernames for websites online. As I mentioned in a previous post, Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands and small islands are called “gilis” hence the name Gili Meno. Gili Sudak is considered to be part of Lombok. Lombok is the big island directly to the east of Bali (you can see it in the distance of all my beach pictures) and is 30 minutes away by boat. Gili Meno is also considered Lombok even though it’s not attached to it.

Prudie’s trip was coming to an end and I asked her why she had never seen Gili Sudak since she had always wanted to. She didn’t have an answer. Then all of the sudden she said, “hey, tomorrow is my last day would you be interested in going to Gili Sudak with me just for the day?” Of course!

So it turns out that it is a mission to get to Gili Sudak! We would leave the following morning and take a local boat at 8:30AM to lombok. From there we would have to get a driver to take us to the south of Lombok 2 hours a way and from there we would take another 20 minute boat to Gili Sudak. We had to be back to the boat harbour in North Lombok by 5pm because that was the last boat back to Gili Meno. By the time we calculated our timing we realized that we were basically going to Gili Sudak for lunch. Yes for lunch and that was it!

The next morning I woke up and waited for Prudie but she was nowhere to be found. 5 minutes before the boat arrived I went to her room and knocked on the door. Not a sound. I knocked again and called her name…..Prudie? I started to hear some movement and yelled, Prudie the boat is leaving in 5 minutes are you coming? “SHOOOOOOOOOOT” I heard her say, “I never heard my alarm….I”m coming! Unfortunately we missed the boat that day, Bloody Marys taste good doing down but makes it hard for people to wake up 🙂

But no problem…..this is island life, surely there are other options! So Prudie got a Bloody Mary and we decided that we would charter a boat to take us to Lombok. Prudie offered to pay the majority since it cost $35 and the local boat that we missed only cost $2. “This is an adventure she said”, “who knows what this day will bring and it’s better that we have our own boat anyways”. I agreed, it just makes it more interesting.

We got to Lombok but since this was a chartered boat he left us at this remote boat harbour where you didn’t need a license to park. From there we negotiated a price to take us to Sengiggi where she had a friend who could hopefully help us get a good price on a driver to take us to south Lombok. After 1 hour of hard negotiations we were in a car heading south. The driver asked how many days we were staying in Gili Sudak and we said, oh no we aren’t we ware just going for lunch. He actually took his eyes of the road and turned around and said “you are going for lunch”? Never in my life have I met people to do this. Are you celebrities? Haha, “no” we said, we just want to see it. He gave us this look like, you two are officially crazy and kept on driving. 2 hours later we arrived to the port where more negotiations took place on the price we would pay for the 20 minute boat ride. Finally, 4 and a half hours after we had left Gili Meno we were on our final boat to Gili Sudak.

Prudie and I talked about many things during our 9 hours of roundtrip travel that day. I don’t know where this lady came from but I know she was sent to me from God. She taught me so many things and shared so many insights on the meaning of life. Her energy was contagious and I’ve never met someone with such a beautiful attitude on life. Whether she knows it or not she made a huge impact on me that day and probably helped to alter the direction of my life path. I am happy to call her a friend and hope to meet up with her again one day whenever and wherever that may be.

So it turns out that everything Prudie read about Gili Sudak was true. It was desolate and made Gili Meno look like Chicago. The waters surrounding the island were so clear that you could see the bottom from our boat even in several feet of deep water. There were beautiful shells scattered all over the beach because there were simply no people there to collect them each morning. There was one restaurant and we ordered probably the best grilled fish that I’ve ever tasted in my life. Prudie had a swim while I just took the views in and talked to the small children playing nearby. I can’t believe places like this exist in the world and no one knows about them. In the next 10 years Gili Meno will soon become inundated with tourists, it’s inevitable, it’s too beautiful to not be discovered by the mass world. But this place won’t be busy for a good 20 years so if you are ever in Indonesia, make your way to Gili Sudak!

Leaving Gili Meno- just look at that water!

Approaching the harbor in Lombok.

Our final boat ride on our way to Gili Sudak!

Gili Sudak

Our delicious meal grilled over an open fire!

Paradise! Well worth the trip!

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