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Goodbye New Zealand
March 4, 2014

Goodbye New Zealand

A month has come and gone and now it’s time to say goodbye to this beautiful country that has exceeded my expectations in all ways possible. I covered 2,516 miles in the past 30 days by boat, bus, swimming and jumping! Topping the list of my favorite memories were skydiving, hiking the 13-mile Tongariro Alpine Crossing, learning about the Maori people, seeing Cathedral Cove at Hahei Beach, sailing in Abel Tasman and I hate to admit it, but my hotel in Queenstown! However, the thing that really stands out above all the rest, is the sheer beauty and scenery that is everywhere you look. New Zealand has it all; oceans, mountains, glaciers, rainforests, rolling hills and gigantic lakes where one can go surf, hike, ski, swim or do nothing at all and just take it in. Sure other countries also have these things but the beauty in New Zealand is to the extreme. High snow-cap mountains tower into the air, with a deep contrast of green forests below them, the ocean is like a kaleidoscope of different hues of blue, rolling hills look like a green blanket was thrown over them and the color of the lakes shines in the sunlight like the color of a blue popsicle. Every sight I saw was more beautiful than the last; even the clouds look pretty in New Zealand! It’s amazing to think that this tiny island-country half-way across the world with a population of 4 million has all of this at their finger tips. Even though it’s far away, this tiny jewel with welcoming and friendly inhabitants will not disappoint! So long beautiful New Zealand, heading further on to the land down under!

All the cities I went to in New Zealand

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