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Fun Facts

Full Name : Amanda Macino

Home Town; Toledo, Ohio

Current City: Chicago

Astrological Sign: Scorpio (watch out)

Total Countries Visited: 33

My Favorite Thing About Traveling : I love authentic experiences with local people in exotic places, although I could do without the geckos in my sleeping quarters.

I travel…… For thrill of the unknown, amusing stories, a good challenge, and authentic experiences with locals in exotic places. Although I could do without the geckos in my sleeping quarters.

Bucket List Destination

  • Seychelles Islands, Africa
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cuba
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Patagonia, Chile
  • Kenya- Lamu Island
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Cyprus
  • Jordan- Dead Sea and Petra
  • Iceland

Fondest Travel Memory

Traveling through the Sahara desert running up and down sand dunes, riding a camel, sleeping underneath the stars and and then waking up early to watch the sunrise.  I’ll never forget that trip.

Favorite Beach
width must be a valid number; “350” is not valid. Gili Meno in Indonesia.  Not only is it my favorite beach but probably my most favorite place I’ve ever visited! It’s the smallest of the Gili Islands, off the coast of Lombok and the most beautiful beach that I have ever laid eyes on.  All I can say is, get there! You will not be disappointed.


Favorite Countries

  • Morocco
  • Indonesia
  • France
  • Cambodia

Most inspirational Travel Moment

My most inspirational travel moment was when I was in Cambodia. The country was the poorest country I had ever visited but the people were so kind-hearted.  I was invited to dinner at my friend’s house in the country-side.  His family cooked my friends and I a feast and played traditional Cambodian music for us.  They were extremely poor yet they were feeding us a 3-course meal to welcome us in to their country.  They taught me that no matter how hard circumstances get, you can always be nice to strangers.

First Developing Country I Ever Visited


Most remote destination
Apo Island in the Coron area of the Philippines. I had giant lizards in my room and bug-bites from head to toe but at least it was pretty!

What’s Next?

I currently live in Chicago and am writing a travel memoir in my free time.I believe that traveling helps you gain perspective on what’s important in life, and I want to inspire others to do more of what makes them happy!