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How Much Does It Cost To Send A Postcard From India To America?
February 8, 2014

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Postcard From India To America?

This has been a never-ending question for the past month because I’ve sent out about 20 postcards and each time the price changes.

For the first batch of postcards, the man that sold them to me said he had stamps and it cost 15 cents a postcard but there was a 5 cent tax to put the stamps on each postcard. Um ok?

For the next batch of stamps, I was told that I had to buy 20 cent stamps! Well thats just great, I had just sent out my first batch of 15 cent stamps with the “fake” tax. I went back to where I had just sent them out from and they were like, it’s ok 15 cent should get there. “Should work?” What was this? Isn’t there a set stamp price for crying out loud?

Most recently I had to buy some more stamps for my last set of postcards and I went up to a vendor and he said it would cost 30 cents a stamp. Ok this was getting absurd, what is the cost of a postcard stamp?!!! Everyday I get a different answer. I explained my frustration to our guide in Mumbai and he offered to take me to the post office to get a final answer, SCORE!! For the record, it costs 15 cents ONLY (with no tax to actually utilize the stamp) to send a post card to America, not 20 cents and certainly not 30 cents. All these people had actually been lying to me to get a few extra cents in their pockets. It’s utterly annoying but if they needed it that bad then I’m glad I could help them out.

I bought enough stamps for 3 postcards that were back at my hotel. I placed the stamps on the postcards, went down to the lobby and asked them to be mailed out and they said, “Miss you owe us 5 cents more per postcard”. “No I don’t”, I responded, “I went to the post office today and they confirmed to me that 15 cents is the appropriate amount”. Ah-ha, caught red handed!! The 2 of them sheepishly looked down and said, “ok no problem Miss”. As small as this incident was, I considered this a huge personal victory! I finally didn’t get cheated on a postcard stamp!

So far, only one person has received a postcard, so if you do get one from me, consider it a small miracle!

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