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I’m Alive
January 17, 2014

I’m Alive

Well I guess a trip to India wouldn’t be complete without becoming deathly ill…..check! Upon arriving in Udaipur my body started feeling achy. I blamed it on the fact that I have been absolutely freezing cold since I stepped foot in India almost 2 weeks ago. I always thought India was hot but in January it ranges from 45-60 in the north and gets even colder in the evenings. Some of our hotels don’t even have heat (or hot water sometimes) and I only brought 3 long sleeve T’s with me……which explains why I’m wearing the same outfit in almost all my pics. In the middle of the night I woke up running to the bathroom. The next morning I was still feeling sick and my head was throbbing but I didn’t want to miss our guided tour so I decided to tough it out. By 1pm I told my guide that I needed to go back to the hotel. I went to bed and proceeded to shiver uncontrollably and profusely sweat for the next 5 hours. My head was pounding so bad that I couldn’t manage to lift it off my pillow. Finally when I couldn’t move to stand up, Amy decided to call a doctor. He arrived to my hotel at 7:30 and after checking my vitals, determined that I had some type of bacterial infection from god knows what……maybe I had some chia tea that was only boiled 3 times instead of 5….who knows! When he took my temperature a look of shock came over his face. He said that it read 39.5 degrees. I stared blankly and then realized he was giving me the temp in celsius and told him that I didn’t understand so he converted it to fahrenheit and said that I had a fever of 103! He couldn’t believe that I had lasted that long without calling a doctor. He prescribed some anti-biotics and some medication to take the fever down along with some electrolyte powder to put in my water to help hydrate myself because I was completely dehydrated. Cost of doctor visit to the hotel, with door to door delivery of a ton of meds…….$30. Best $30 bucks I’ve spent since I’ve been here! The doctor prescribed a diet of “salted biscuits” which means crackers in American English, clear soup broth, bananas, steamed rice and boiled potatoes. Thankfully I am doing much better……still no appetite but I think that’s more out of fear than anything. That was the ABSOLUTE sickest I”ve ever been in my life and all I wanted was my mom!!! Thankfully Amy was an awesome nurse and got me extra blankets, put up with me in and out of the bathroom, called the doctor and lent me money to pay him since I didn’t have the strength to find my own.

My first and last picture in Udaipur before I got sick. This was taken from the roof of my hotel as I was enjoying a beer at sunset.

Chai tea and Indian sweets. Was this the infamous chai that did me in? One will never know.


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