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India Where Cow Is Queen!
January 14, 2014

India Where Cow Is Queen!

Jaiselmer also known as the Golden City is located in Rajasthan, a region known for its food and brightly colored clothing. Upon arriving, we made our way to the Thar desert to take a camel ride at sunset. It was stunning! My guide was only 10 years old and he paved the way for me and my camel named Bob Marley…..how fitting since he is one of my favs! Amy’s camel was named Fidel Castro not sure if she can say the same about the name of her camel.

The reason they call Jaiselmer the golden city is because all the buildings are made out of stone and look like blocks of gold in the sunlight. The designs on these buildings are all hand-carved and it’s impossible to imagine how this was done in the 16th century. In addition, many of the intricate designs you see on the windows were carved on a single slab of stone! Our guide said that if one mistake was made they had to throw the whole thing away.

Another characteristic of Jaiselmer is the infinite number of cows. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE walking amongst us! Apparently they are owned by people but they roam freely throughout the day amongst the tuk-tuks, mopeds, holy men, carts, beggars, street vendors, tourists and bicycles then return home in the evening.

We also tried our first street food in Jaiselmer…..Samosas! Still not sick, 8 days in and counting…..knock on wood!

Jaiselmer stone carved home

The windows are made out of one piece of stone


More cows

And more cows!

Sunset in the Thar Desert!

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