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March 29, 2014


One of the reasons I came to Australia was to see kangaroos in the wild and after 3 weeks of waiting patiently I finally saw them on my trip to the southwest. The first ones slowly made their way to our camp site around lunch time, a mother and a baby joey. The next day we woke up to watch the sunrise and saw them hopping around on the beach, it was so cool!

The female kangaroo is a pretty amazing animal. She has the ability to have 4 babies in different growth stages all at the same time. She can have one that is a few months old that hops beside her and then she can have another one, the size of a bean inside her pouch that she feeds. She is also capable of being pregnant during this time and if thats not enough she can also have stored eggs that are already fertilized to begin a new pregnancy once she is finished with her current one. Another interesting fact about the female kangaroo is that if she is pregnant and conditions are not ideal or she isn’t getting enough food, she can turn off her pregnancy for up to 6 months and wait for conditions improve and turn it back on. I think I may have a new favorite animal, I couldn’t get enough of these little guys.


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