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Kuta Lombok
July 10, 2014

Kuta Lombok

After 3 weeks on Gili Meno, I decided it was time to get away for a few days and see some more of Lombok. On a whim I planned to go to Kuta Lombok and 2 hours later I was on the next local boat out. Once I arrived in Lombok, I hired a driver to take me 2 hours south to Kuta. While Kuta is known on the tourist circuit it still is very local and not frequented by many. It’s a town known for surfing and it’s beautiful beaches. One day I hired a driver to take me around. I will never get sick of riding on the back of a moped for as long as I live. We drove up and down winding roads through the country-side and stopped at multiple beaches. Each beach I went to was more packed than the last with nothing but locals. It turns out that I arrived just a few days before Ramadan, the most important holiday of the the year for Muslims and everyone was out and about enjoying the beaches before the holy month of fasting began. It was nice to see everyone out with their families enjoying this time.

He looked so comfy sleeping in the sand!

Every has got the “World Cup fever” even on tiny islands in Indonesia!

Apparently there aren’t many blonds in Lombok because on every beach I went to that day, locals asked if they could get a picture with me.

Home-made sandboxes on the beach….very creative

Loved him! So happy and completely naked on the bottom sitting on scarves his dad was selling.

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