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La Vie est Belle in Paris!
July 16, 2014

La Vie est Belle in Paris!

After Montpellier, I headed north to the city of lights! I stayed in a “jolie” apartement in the 11ieme arrondissement and it was just perfect with a spectacular view. I was with a friend, and although it was cold and rainy (and I mean freezing, we’re talking 45 degrees) it was still fun even though I was frozen to the bone the entire time!

It was amazing to see Paris with someone that actually knows the city. After 6 months of traveling it was a nice break to not have to get out my map every time I wanted to go somewhere. We went to “Pere Lachaise” the famous cemetery where Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf are buried, Pont des Arts, the iconic bridge where lovers go to hang locks and through out the keys, we drank beer and cafe au laits in outdoor cafes, ate amazing food and went to a beautiful park that looked over Paris. We also went salsa dancing and although it’s been many years I now remember why I fell inlove with salsa.

It’s strange to think that just a week before, I was on a remote island with people just trying to survive and make ends meet and then the next week I was in Paris, going to salsa clubs and speaking to artists with creative souls. How drastic fro one extreme to another. This was living. I’m one lucky girl!

View from the apartment I stayed at!

Pere Lachaise

Hotel de Ville

I don’t think the next few need an explanation!

Pont des Arts my favorite thing I saw in Paris and a first for me. The bridge is literally lined with locks on both sides. Small sections are taken down every 6 months because the locks are so heavy the bridge will break. I don’t know why but that is disheartening to me, lovers come here to “mettre” their lock of love and then they are taken down. But the new sections are filled to the brim with locks again within days.

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