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April 22, 2014


Since I had planned to stay on Meno longer I was going to miss seeing the big Island of Lombok. Barone told me that it was a 25 minute boat ride away and that if I wanted, he would take me around on a motor bike….. for a small fee of course.

We arrived to Lombok and it was jam packed with people, cars and motorbikes. He asked where I wanted to go and I told him to just drive! While Bali is an island of 1,000 temples, Lombok is an island of 1,000 mosques or “mosquis” as they call them. That day we went to Lingsar Temple, a place where both a temple and a mosque were built right next to each other so that neighbors, either Hindu or Muslim could pray together. It was a beautiful sight to see.

A little while later we stopped for some food at a roadside stand. The dish had chicken, toasted soya nuts, a variety of spices, onions, rice and some type of red and green spicy sauce. It was the best meal I”ve had yet in Indonesia and it was $1.

That afternoon we went to a shopping market where one of Barone’s friends worked. As he was talking to him I decided to have a look around. Up until now I’ve been really good with NOT shopping during this trip and it’s been a very difficult for me! Usually when I travel to different countries, I have to bring an extra empty luggage to fit all my souvenirs and once I leave their economy takes a dip, I’m sure of it! So up until now I’ve been pretty darn good. This market contained hand-made wood carved bowls, dishes and wall hangings that were Lombok specialities. Well I cracked! I decided that I was going to buy and just ship some stuff home and since I was shipping I might as well do some Christmas shopping while I was at it. We stayed there for about 2 hours as I went from shop to shop. The shop owners LOVED me at the end!

On our way to Lombok on a local boat; apparently they were using it to transport more than just people that day. I was surrounded by water jugs up to my knees and had to rest my feet on top of them!

Lombok monkeys on the side of the road.

Delicious food for $1!

Local food market

The place where a temple and a mosque were built right next to each other. On the right hand side of the wall was the mosque and the Hindu temple was on the left.

This little boy was a kite-flying king! He was making it dance and twirl all over the sky.

The lady on the right asked to take a picture with me because she thought we looked alike? It must’ve been the light skin because we don’t resemble each other in the slightest!

Gas station for mopeds!

My new best friends at the market I bought from!

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