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Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road!
March 21, 2014

Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road!

Next stop on the list was the funky, artsy, hipster town of Melbourne . I had heard mixed feelings about this city but when I heard that it was known for it’s coffee I booked my flight instantly. Remember, the Irish girl named Fiona that I met in New Zealand that told me all about the benefits of tea? It just so happens that she lives in Melbourne and she said that I could stay with her and her roommates during my 3 nights there. I walked around the city on day one and did find some good coffee shops and street art (another thing that Melbourne is known for).

The biggest attraction to this region of Australia is the “Great Ocean Road”, one of the world’s great road trips. It consists of National Parks and scenic coastlines of caves that have eroded over time and now are gigantic rocks, named the 12 Apostles.

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