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Mes Amis
November 20, 2013

Mes Amis

As the final weeks come to an end, my calendar has been slammed by last minute “good-bye” drinks, dinners and hangouts. People are coming out of the woodworks! Acquaintances, drinking buddies, old co-workers, neighbors, past bosses and even an ex…..yikes!

The fact that all these people are making an effort to see me one last time is very touching. I’ve received the most thoughtful gifts and heart-felt cards that have left me with giant lumps in my throat. Seeing them all recently brings back so many memories as to how I met them and it makes me smile.


While I won’t mention them all, there are a few that come to mind right away. I’ll start with Caitlin, my very first REAL New York friend whom I met at Chanel. Our friendship may have begun out of pure convenience, being that we started the same week, but it’s so much more than that now. She has shared many of my most memorable New York experiences, from Chanel sample sales, crazy happy hours at the Astoria the beer garden, Mermaid Parades in Brooklyn to beach days on Long Island! She’s a friend where months can go by without seeing each other but as soon as we do it’s like no time has ever passed. Then there is Lucy my marathon partner whom I met on a bench in Central Park on our first day of training in 2007.  She is my only good friend who I didn’t get to know over a few beers or dinner, we got to know each other over 100 miles of running! We ran side-by-side through 6 months of training and 26.2 miles on November 4th. I found out a year later that Lucy was actually a much faster runner than myself yet never said a word and she stayed with me during each and every run. I’m still moved when I think back to that.  Then there’s my fashionista friend Jennie whom I met at the gym. She saved me the day before one of the biggest interviews of my life by giving me a powerhouse “little black dress”.  P.S. I got the job! Abby is the epitome of a true New Yorker from style to sass! If you are ever looking for the hottest places to party or fanciest event she is your girl! We’ve known each other since birth and she’s like a sister in the sense that she tells me the truth even when it hurts, but she’s the only one allowed to do that! Kathryn is a new friend but I already feel like we’ve known each other for years. I met her this past July when our flight from Detroit to NYC was cancelled. Out of sheer desperation to get home, we decided to rent a car together and make the 11 hour drive through the night. We started off as perfect strangers but by the time we caught a glimpse of the sun rising over the NYC skyline we were friends. Then there is Elizabeth originally a friend of a friend but now just a GOOD friend and best

advice giver a girl could ever ask for! Even though Carrie doesn’t live here anymore, we shared many iconic New York experiences. She is the friend I came to visit on my first trip here and showed me such a good time that I stayed! Carrie left over 2 years ago and I can honestly say that the city hasn’t been the same without her. Last but certainly not least is my very BEST, CLOSEST and “meilleur ami”, Mike!  He’s the handsome boy you see in all my facebook pictures and have probably thought, at one point or another that we were dating. Mike and I met 10 years ago while we were teaching in Tours France. We hit it off within seconds of our first rendezvous and spent the next 3 months pretending to be French. At the end of the year, we said our goodbyes and agreed that we would probably never see each other again. One year later we both found ourselves in New York and it’s been one hell of an adventure ever since. We have been through the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows together.  When I leave this time I’m pretty sure we won’t find ourselves in the same city a year from now and that makes me sad.

The end of my time here has truly come full circle because not only have I been seeing close friends but I have also been randomly running into people that I haven’t seen in years! New York is all about split second timing when it comes to running into someone out of the blue. I’m sure that daily, friends ride the exact same subway but on different parts of the train and they will never be the wiser. In all my time in New York, I have only run into a total of 3 people while on the subway and even that seems like a small miracle! My point for this is that I keep randomly bumping into people even though the odds are against it.  For each of them, I too, get to say goodbye and it feels nice.

There are times when New York makes you feel desperately alone despite the masses of people surrounding you on an everyday basis. I’ve always said, “there may be a lot of people in this enormous city but you can see that many of them are lonely”. I started to feel this more and more the past year but now after seeing everyone these last few weeks, maybe I wasn’t as lonely as I thought.

my last birthday celebration in New York 10-25-13!

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