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February 4, 2014


Mumbai, formally known as Bombay is our final stop in India. I have read 3 novels this year taking place in Mumbai and I was so excited to finally get here and see this city in person! Mumbai is hip, trendy, rich and modern. It was a breath of fresh air! The architecture built by the British is so beautiful that on certain streets one would think they are in Europe.

We checked in to the Courtyard Marriot bought on my points and we were practically back in America. Even though it was a Courtyard, I felt like I was back in the Ritz. Huge rooms, 2 room keys, a fitness center, non-indian food options, multiple international chargers in the room and the fastest wifi that I’ve had in a month (hence the multiple posts and pictures). For this entire trip it would take me hours just to upload 1 post due to the shoddy wifi. Needless to say, I”m a happy camper.

Our first stop in Mumbai was Dhobi Ghat an open-air laundromat. People live here and do the laundry for local hotels, hospitals and personal clients. As you can see from some of the pictures, laundry is not the only thing that is washed, look closely and you will see boys bathing themselves in the concrete wash-pens.

Later in the day we saw the house that Ghandi lived in as well as some beautiful parks and architectural landmarks around the city. Only one more day left!

European Architecture

Gateway to India

The famous Taj Hotel where the terrorist bombings took place 5 years ago

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