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February 4, 2014


Next up in Kerala was Munnar a town known for it’s tea plantations that cover the hills like a green blanket. The views looked like a painting and continued on for miles and miles over the rolling hills.

We heard that Eravikulam National Park was worth having a look at so we told our driver to take us there. When we arrived the line to get in was over a 3 hour wait and our driver had disappeared into thin air. After some sweet talk to a security guard he escorted us to the front of the line and told us to wait and walked away. After 10 minutes of waiting with no instruction we tried talking to some other workers but no one spoke english. They motioned us to get in another ticket line but when we went there someone else told us to go back to where we came from. All of this was in Hindi with hand motions and it sounded as if they were yelling at us. We quickly went back to the corner we were told to wait in with looks of bewilderment on our faces. How in the heck were we going to get in? We tried to ask questions but all their responses were in Hindi and well, I speak french and thats about it! After going back and forth for about 30 minutes in sheer and utter confusion we were told to go to the back door of the ticket office. We knocked on the door and explained that we wanted tickets and he motioned us away. What the heck was going on? It was chaos with all these people shouting and motioning to us at the same time in all different directions. All of a sudden a guard appeared out of no where telling us to hurry up and get on the bus that apparently was fully loaded and waiting for us. We hastily paid the ticket man jumped on the bus and it started zooming up the mountain before we were even seated. Once we got our bearings we just stared at each other in a state of shock, “what the heck just happened?” Definitely the most confusing day in India but we managed to get to the top and find our way despite not speaking a lick of Hindi! On the way back down we had to wait in another line to catch a bus back down the mountain. As we were waiting about 15 people boldly cut in front of us but we were ok with it since we did bypass a 3-hour wait in line.

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