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My New Zealand Beauty Routine
February 26, 2014

My New Zealand Beauty Routine

The past few weeks I have learned that I needed to start incorporating a few extra steps into my daily beauty routine. For those of you that know me, I am pretty much obsessed with skincare products. On this trip alone I have a day serum, a night serum, a day cream, a night cream, a facial oil, and multiple eye serums and creams.

They are taking up the majority of space in my bag but they are essential (in my book). While I am totally inlove with New Zealand the one thing I could do without are the sand flies. I am getting eaten alive over here. I currently have about 50 bug bites all over my body from head to toe ( literally, they are on my face and inbetween my toes). These sneaky little sandflies are the worst because you don’t realize you are bit until after they fly away. It starts stinging at first and then turns into this giant welt that itches like crazy!!! Once you itch them a chemical is released and the itch intensifies. I have no tolerance for itchy bug-bites so I have a really bad habit of itching them until they bleed but it doesn’t work with these little buggers. Even when they bleed they are still itchy only now I really can’t touch them because they are open sores. One morning I woke up and saw that my feet and ankles weren’t covered by my bed sheet and were probably exposed for the whole evening. I looked down and I had about 15-20 bites all over my feet. Inbetween my toes, on my toes, on the soles of my feet, around my ankles, everywhere. Later that day I was on the bus and actually had to remove my shoes and socks to get to the intense itch. The itch of these bug bites will cause you to stop dead in your tracks and start itching to alleviate it. I feel like a little kid with chicken pox, I just can’t stop. I finally had enough and decided to go to a pharmacy because my guide said that I hadn’t seen anything yet and that it was going to get 10 times worse the more south we go. I walked out of that pharmacy $40 bucks later with the strongest anti-itch cream on the market and a bug spray with 40% deet. I also bought a fly-spray that I now dowse my room with each night. Now I can see spending money on a face cream but I have never spent that much money on insect repellent products. But for the record, that anti-itch cream is a dream!! It stops the itch within seconds and I’ve almost gone through an entire bottle, since I am using it 6 times a day!

Speaking of beauty routines, the past few nights I”ve been lucky enough to get in the same room as 3 Irish gals and we are really getting along great. I’ve even started to teach them a thing or two about skincare. When it came out that I used to work in the skincare industry I started telling them how important it was to take care of their skin. I explained the benefits of face creams, serums and eye creams with all my famous “anologies” from my old job. They were mesmerized! For a few nights they would crowd around my bed and we would talk about different skincare products and brands that they should start using. I have even prescribed new steps they should be doing on a regular basis based on each of their skin types. If someone looked into our room they would probably think we were talking about boys or telling ghost stories but it was all about skincare!! They tell me, “Mandi we could listen to you talk about this all day”- ha! My friends back home used to say the same thing. It’s starting to feel like a home away from home with these new friends.

One night the girls came back from a bar a tad tipsy and they were telling me about this girl in the bar who apparently was a lot younger than she looked. Then all of the sudden in their charming Irish accents one of them said, “yeah she looks so old she should really start using a serum” and then another one said, “and did you see the bags under those eyes, she needs an eye cream for gosh sakes”. I was hysterically laughing at them and felt proud that I taught them a few things about skincare!

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