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Out In The Boonies!
May 17, 2014

Out In The Boonies!

In addition to meeting Tash from NZ, I also met a guy from Holland named Deo at my hotel. Us 3 partnered up for a few days and decided to hire a driver to get out of the city and go to a national park 1 hour away. It was a tad pricey to get there but we figured it was something off the beaten track.

Our driver did not speak a lick of English so we had no idea about what we were looking at or what he was showing us. In the end we all agreed that it was such a waste of money. Oh well!

He did bring us to a beautiful waterfall where we had a swim for about thirty minutes. Deo and I swam out to get a closer views of the falls and as we were in the water, I felt something poking at my feet. I screamed!! What was that? All of the sudden Deo felt it too. Some locals came over and told us that they were the fish that bite your skin. Remember that fish pedicure I had all the way back in Bali?? Yeah those were the fish and we were swimming in waters with them. Granted there wasn’t as many as there was in my little pedicure pool but enough to get me to hightail it out of the water!

I’m screaming in this picture because I got bite right as Tash took it!

Booking it outta there!

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