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Rich Experiences
July 15, 2014

Rich Experiences

What made my experience on Gili Meno so rich is my relationship with the people of the island. They let me in to their lives and I saw the many personal things that most tourists don’t get to see. They let down their their bar and treated me like their sister, inviting me to eat with them and sharing daily stories, yes there is drama even on small islands. While I was part of their family in the end, I was still observing everything as an outsider and for me, no amount of money in the world could have bought that.

Resting before cooling off from a volleyball match

My going away party!

Linda and Oompung. Oompung lost both of his front teeth in a moped accident. He never smiles because he is embarrassed but that night he said that he would smile for my picture since I was leaving.

My favorite thing to eat on Gili Meno was called Lalapan. It was fried chicken with rice, a small salad and a spicy red sauce called cimbal. My very last day the owners finally charged me the local price! I was elated, they finally thought of me as a local!

View from above, Gili Meno is the middle island.

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