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Shady Sharks
March 29, 2014

Shady Sharks

Many of the girls on my tour were constantly talking about how scared they were of sharks in Australia. I guess I had never thought about it but then our guide said that Australia’s waters are some of the most deadly for shark attacks and that we always needed to be on guard when we went into the water because they will just sneak up out of nowhere. On day 3 we went to this beautiful place called Twilight Beach with water that looked like a swimming pool. We were told that it was fun to swim out to the rocks in the distance and climb on them. They didn’t look that far away so a few of us decided to swim it and made a pact to stay together and be on the lookout for sharks. It turns out the rocks looked a lot closer than they were. We swam for about 20 minutes without any breaks and finally reached them huffing and puffing. We found grooves in the rocks and used the movement of the waves to push us up onto the top. The rocks were huge and we started exploring and of course I went off with the 2 dare devils in the group. We were jumping and leaping from rock to rock until I misjudged one of the gaps of a jump and my shin came crashing into a rock and blood started gushing. It didn’t hurt too bad and I wasn’t too worried about it until someone said, so how are you going to get back to shore? “What do you mean” , I said. “Um, Mandi your leg is bleeding and there are sharks in these waters, not a good combination”. Holy crap, I didn’t even think about this! I waited on the rocks for about 10 minutes trying to stop the blood but it was a pretty deep cut. I finally found some other girls who didn’t know I had been cut (since they probably wouldn’t want to swim back with me if they knew) and jumped back into the water with them and swam as fast as my legs could kick!. I made it back to the starting point within 15 minutes and was never so happy when my legs were on dry sand!

The rocks we swam to are behind me in this picture.

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