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Shopped til we dropped!
January 30, 2014

Shopped til we dropped!

Our last day in Kathmandu was spent shopping!! As I said, everything is super cheap here and while you still have to barter the price is not marked up 4 times as it is in India. Our priority was to find some good quality pashminas. Nepal and India are where the pashmina originated and while all shops say that their scarves are 100% pashmina that is usually a lie (refer to “pretty little liars” post to learn more). A true pashmina is made entirely from sheep’s wool and the top quality are made only from the wool from the sheep’s neck (the softest part). Amy had read a blog about a shop that had a great selection of reasonably priced pashminas and the owner wasn’t pushy…..score! So the hunt for the store began and continued and continued and continued and continued for 2 hours. The streets in Kathmandu are super tiny, there are no addresses, just “neighborhoods” that are given for store locations. All the shops are built on top of each other, some with names, others unnamed and still others down alleyways that

you could easily pass by without even noticing. No one knew where this place was and we couldn’t find out anymore information on the blog. We decided to take a break for lunch but I wasn’t willing to give up on this pashmina place. It had been 2 hours and gosh darn it we were committed to finding it now. I asked Amy to see the blog on her phone and had the idea to start reading the comments that readers posted about that entry. It turns out that a reader had also gone to the store and posted the owner’s cell phone number. We got our server at the restaurant to call the owner and he picked us up at the restaurant and walked us to his shop that we had already passed by about 3 times that day. For a girl that has about 25 pashminas from chinatown I”ve never allowed myself to purchase the real thing but that day I finally did and it’s beautiful! The very best quality from the neck of the sheep……and only $31 bucks. In the states it would easily cost $250…….oh Nepal how I love you!

I continued to shop that day as if I had an income…..who do I think I am? But it was so cheap I couldn’t pass it up. Mom and Dad be on the lookout for a large box in the mail from Nepal in about 21-28 days!

The store we were looking for is the one in the middle with no sign!

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