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March 29, 2014


I arrived to Perth and hit slump number 2 of the trip (the first one being in NZ the first night I stayed in a hostel). It all started off when I arrived at the airport and the shuttle bus that was supposed to take me directly to my hostel was not working. My only option was a super expensive cab or a city bus. Oh how times have changed…..I had no choice but to take the city bus and I was not happy about it. The bus dropped me off at the closest stop to my hostel and I proceeded to walk, 30 minutes in 85 degree heat with my 45lb bag strapped to my back. I arrived to my hostel and I kid you not it was the equivalent to a half-way house! There were actually people living there full-time (including 70 year olds…wth)? It was the last home-stretch of hostels but there was no way I was going to make it, I hit the wall. I had planned to be in Perth for about 9 days and was debating up until then, taking a 6 day camping trip to the southwest and I made up my mind right then and there that it would probably be the more luxurious option. I was booked on a tour for the following morning before I could even lay the hostel sheets on my bed. I walked around beautiful Perth that day and was just feeling down and I had no idea why. I think the expensive prices in Australia and dwindling budget were getting to me as well as the thought that I only had 9 days left in hostels but it still seemed so far away. I took a long walk that afternoon all the way to Kings Park and people-watched as I listened to my ipod. All of the sudden, the song Further On randomly came on. I looked at my surroundings in that beautiful park on that warm sunny day and told myself, “Mandi, get over yourself, anyone would kill to be doing this, stop being a baby”. And just like that, my slump was over!

Kings Park

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