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South India
February 4, 2014

South India

We have been in Kerala, a region in the south of India for the past 7 days and the difference between the north and south were very noticeable to me; from the food, to the people, to the weather and even economically. The first thing I noticed was all the Catholic churches! I hadn’t seen any since arriving in India and then realized that the Portuguese settled in the south which explains the influx of Christians down here verse Hindus. The weather was tropical, it reminded me of Costa Rica, lush plants, exotic birds and greenery as far as the eye could see. From what I saw, there were no beggers, everyone wore shoes, people were honest, no one randomly urinated on the streets and the majority seemed to be living comfortably. I was told that the literacy rate in Kerala is 99% and I’m wondering if this explains the economic difference that I saw. Let’s not forget the difference in the food! The south is known for Dosas (a flaky pancake filled with some type of meat and then dipped in a variety of sauces) and sea food. It was a nice change from the heavier dishes we had been having in the north.

Our first stop was Cochin, also known as Kochi a lazy beach town right on the water. This was the first hot weather we’ve had since arriving to India so I spent the entire two days outside, walking around, catching some sun and buying the alladin-looking pants that everyone seemed to have down here. Kochin is known for the ancient fishing nets that they still use today. The nets weigh 400lbs and take 4 or more men to operate. Every 5 minutes they tip the nets into the water and wait a few minutes and then tilt it back and check to see if there are any fish, talk about old school! There are also lone fisherman out and about walking along the beach throwing their nets into the water in hopes of catching something.

I left Cochin with a suntan, a happy tummy and some good souvenirs, the south had already begun to win my heart!

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