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Sydney Beaches
March 20, 2014

Sydney Beaches

Two days of Australian sun has given me the equivalent to an end-of-summer August tan. The sun here is really strong (don’t worry mom I’ve been applying sun-screen because I know you will ask the next time we speak)!

I spent a morning at the famous Bondi Beach catching some rays, listening to some tunes and taking dips into the cool Pacific Ocean waters as the sun beat down. Then I took a 2.5 hour coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach and saw some spectacular views of coastal rock and beaches in between.

I went to Chinatown that evening and ate a delicious dumpling dinner and then watched the sun set at Darling Harbour- it was the perfect Oz day! I was in the best mood as I walked home that evening and as I past the Four Seasons Hotel just a block from my hostel it was the first time that my heart didn’t ache to be there, I was perfectly fine going back to my tiny shared-room. The experience that I had that day in Sydney brought me more happiness than any material thing or fancy hotel could’ve given me.

Bondi Beach

Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach

Darling Harbour

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