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March 20, 2014

After 4 days of being stuck inside my hostel as it rained, it was finally time to leave Airlie Beach. The day before I left I made arrangements for a taxi to the airport. There are 2 airports near Airlie Beach and I realized when I looked at my itinerary that I happened to be flying out of the one that was located on an island.The problem with that? As of that morning, the harbor was STILL shut down due to cyclones and weather. When they told me that I may not get out because there was no way of physically getting to the airport, I wanted to scream! “Oh I was leaving Airlie Beach come hell or high-water even if that meant walking to Sydney!”

The following morning it was still raining but the harbor opened back up and I was never so happy to get the heck out of there. One thing that I was excited about is that I was actually getting to go on boat in the Whitsundays, albeit just to the airport! My cousin Mariska recently told me that whenever you find yourself in a situation that isn’t ideal it’s important to find the silver lining, no matter how small that may be. Well………I found a huge silver lining about this entire Airlie beach situation on my boat ride to Hamilton Island airport.

When we boarded, the captain told us that it was going to be a very rocky ride since the storms were just finishing up and that for some it would be a joy ride and for others…..well, not so much. About 30 minutes into the ride, it was getting pretty wild and crazy on the water and all of the sudden I saw a worker walking around with puke bags. For the love of Pete! Was this really happening again? Within minutes I saw women, children and grown men running or being escorted to the back of the boat because they were sea sick. Music turned up and ears plugged staring out the window I got to thinking how I am really not good with this whole seasick thing. Even though I was disappointed that my Whitsundays boat cruise was cancelled, I’m thinking that it was a blessing in disguise; because if I was on a boat for 3 days and 2 nights with people puking left and right I would’ve thrown myself overboard!