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Temples, Temples and More Temples!
May 17, 2014

Temples, Temples and More Temples!

I had paid for a 3 day pass for the temples and although I was not looking forward to the heat, I wanted to see all I could and go BACK to Angkor Wat and so I could enjoy it KNOWING it was Angkor Wat.

That day, we left around 9AM so the heat was even worse. I honestly can’t believe how hot Cambodia is. Some smart @$$ overheard me saying this and said, what you’re saying is basically like if you went to Siberia in the middle of winter and you saying….wow it’s cold here. Ok, I get it, Cambodia is knowns for being hot, I just wish I would’ve gotten the memo for the month of May (the hottest month of the year here).

Later that day, I went for a swim to cool off and the water in the pool was even hot. It felt like I was in a hot tube!

Here are some of the other temples I saw that day including Angkor Wat……and this time, I knew I was there!

Banteay Srei, built in the 10th century

Preah Kahn temple built in the 12th century

Other temples that I forgot the names of

Return to Angkor Wat!

Second causeway after entering first arch!

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