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Thai Cooking, Ooh La La!
May 26, 2014

Thai Cooking, Ooh La La!

Chaing Mai is jam packed with cooking schools. Apparently it’s another “must” when visiting here. Out of the hundreds of schools I ended up randomly picking one that was somewhat close to my hotel. While I was waiting for the class to start I looked inside the notebook that we were given for the class. It turns out this school is located in a few other cities around the world. What caught my eye is that there are 2 schools in France. I’m obsessed with anything french since I lived there when I was in college. I glanced down at the french locations and low and behold there is a school in the very tiny city that I used to live in, Besancon which is an hour from Dijon. What are the odds that out of all the places I picked…..this one was also located in that city? It really is a small world.

Since it is low season in Thailand, there were only 2 other girls in my class so it was very hands-on. The session started off with the basics of Thai cooking. There are 4 types of flavoring that are in almost every dish; salty, sweet, sour and spicy. That day we cooked 5 dishes that we chose off a list; an appetizer, a soup, a curry, a meat dish and a dessert. I made a fresh papaya salad, noodle and vegetable soup, a spicy green chicken curry, shrimp pad thai and sweetened bananas in coconut milk. After we made and ate our first 2 dishes we rode bikes to the local market where our teacher explained about all the different ingredients used in Thailand. About half of them were completely foreign to me. It was definitely a fun day and I didn’t eat for 24 hours afterwards!

The local market.

How they make fresh coconut shavings.

Red chili anyone?

Smelly dried fish!

Have you ever seen such long green beans?

Afternoon cooking session.

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