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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..
July 15, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..

There are many things that I will miss about Gili Meno but three in particular stand out amongst all others and they happened at completely different parts of the day.

It may sound strange but I loved listening the roosters on Gili Meno. They roamed the streets freely and would hide in the brush so you couldn’t see them but you could hear them with each step and peck they took. Each day I was softly woken from my sleep by a “cock-a-doodle-dooo around 5:30AM! Although I’m from Ohio, you may be surprised to know that not all midwesterners live on a farm and this was something completely new to me. It would last for a few minutes and then they would stop and I would drift back to sleep again. Whenever I went to bed earlier than the rest of my friends, they would always say…..”uh oh, it’s chicken time” and it would make me laugh because they called “bedtime”, chicken time since chickens and roosters go to bed right after sundown. What they also told me is that roosters sleep in trees. I didn’t believe them at first, but one night I was walking home after dinner and I saw a rooster fly up into a tree, I couldn’t believe it!

In the afternoon I loved watching the local children play in the water. They would splash around and laugh for hours without a care in the world. It was just beautiful to watch because the colors were so vibrant during this time of the day when the sun was shining. The waters of Gili Meno actually have 4 different shades, it’s just incredible and it shimmers as if there were diamonds floating on top. The contrast of the water against the stark white sand and the bronzed skin of the children almost made me feel like I was walking through a Monet painting. The colors were so dramatic and at times I had to stop and ask myself, is this real?

If you look closely you can see four distinct colors; clear, turquoise, light blue and navy

The last thing that I absolutely loved happened in the evening right around 6:00pm. Each day the sun would set around around 5:30 pm and around 6:15 the sky would completely transform. It would take on this rose color and the clouds would actually turn peach. This mix of colors would reflect on to the ocean and the water would turn pink. Pink!! It could bring tears to your eyes to see the beauty of something so simple.

I’ve learned the past 6 months to appreciate simplicity and these three things will be what I miss the most from this beautiful little island that I called home for one month!

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