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“Wing’in It”
May 5, 2014

“Wing’in It”

From Coron I was traveling south to the island of Bohol. I was a little nervous about coming here, because this was where the earthquake was last October which inevitably caused typhoon Haiyan, about 8 hours south.

The trip was going to be a long one because I had to fly and then take a boat to the island, a few hours away. I hadn’t done too much research for this part of my trip but figured I could just wing it…..I”m really starting to get tired of planning, traveling and moving:)

When I was in the airport, I met a girl from China who was also headed to Bohol so we decided to share a cab to the boat harbor and hopefully try to make the last boat and if not….well I would need to figure it out. We chatted for a bit while waiting for our cab but once in the car we fell silent for the hour ride to the harbour. Even though not a word was spoken, it was comforting to have a companion in the car next to me, it felt nice to not being figuring out this whole boat transfer thing alone. She will never know how much her presence meant to me that day.

We got on a cramped boat boat, with no AC and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it for the 2 hour journey. My legs were squeezed up against the chair in front of me, there were tons of people around and sweat was dripping down my face and the backs of my legs. Finally the boat started moving and I could feel the wind that didn’t cool me off but kept me from overheating. An hour and a half later, I saw the most beautiful sunset that I’ve ever seen. It was a bold orange color and as the boat moved, it was like we were following it so it lasted extra long. It was so pretty that it made me choke up. What a beautiful, beautiful world we live in. Nine long hours later I pulled up to my hotel. It amazes me sometimes how I end up getting to these places without any set plans.

Look who I ran into at the Coron airport! Unfortunately their flight to Manila was delayed due to closed airspace because President Obama was visiting that day. What are the odds he was in the Philippines when I was?
Live chickens being stored in these bags to take on the boat- they were “cock-a-doodle-doing” away!
A band of blind musicians performing for us at the boat harbor.
Inside the very hot and cramped boat!
A sunset to die for!

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