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Yogi Wannabe
February 4, 2014

Yogi Wannabe

We left Cochin and headed to the country side to a beautiful eco-resort. When people come to India to find themselves spiritually and do yoga I”m sure this is the setting that they picture.

We were literally in the middle of a beautiful rainforest. There were a variety of fruit plants, towering trees, flowers of every color, birds and insects chirping harmoniously, lush green grass, hammocks that swung between trees, a dipping pool and a fresh-water river for swimming.

The eco-farm is almost completely self-sufficient. They grow a variety of foods and the owner led us on a walk through the plantation to show us. Ginger, bananas, berries, red chilis, coffee, rubber, coco, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, all-spice, honey, mangos, dragon fruit, eucalyptus, pineapple and a lot more than I’m having trouble remembering were randomly scattered throughout the grounds. They also had cows, water buffalo, goats, ducks and chickens that provided fresh milk and dairy products. The milk we had was from the water buffalo and not the cows, this is the second time I’ve tried buffalo milk on this trip, it must be a thing here. There are 18 people that work here and their jobs change everyday. Some days they tap the rubber trees, while other days they gather honey or clean the guest rooms, harvest plants or assist in trimming the landscape. It was incredible.

The morning after our arrival we took a 2 mile hike through the forest; one of the 18 workers also has the duty of leading these hikes. We took a small raft and crossed the river and proceeded to walk about 2 miles in flip-flops that they recommended us to wear. I had no idea why on earth we were walking through this forest on small paths with sticks and roots protruding threatening to trip us in flip flops! Then we came to a small stream and he escorted us one by one through the stream, over rocks to the other side. It was awesome! Now I get why we had to wear flip-flops, I guess it was worth the cut I got on my baby toe from shrubbery.

They also held a yoga class each day at 7:30am. I’ve never really gotten in to it as hard as I’ve tried but since India IS the home of yoga and I was in this beautiful setting, I might as well try it out….AGAIN. On the first day, I was the only one in the class. We started off with a prayer and then proceeded to twist and stretch our bodies in all different types of positions that left me sore for days. I’m still sore as I write this! At the end we meditated for 25 min. I have never meditated before and I have to say that I loved it. It’s amazing how it allows you to completely rid yourself of stress and negative thoughts. When we finished I felt like a new woman. So I guess I like yoga now!

For two days it was pure rest and relaxation for Amy and I. We swam in the river, napped in hammocks while we read our books and as cheesy as it sounds, were one with nature. This is the India that the yogis go to and now I can see why!

where the yoga classes were held

Private performance of traditional dancers. These boys wore pink very well!

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