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July 15, 2014


From Indonesia, I flew to Bangkok because I was originally supposed to end up there and had a ticket to fly out 4 days later. I arrived and the city was absolutely chaotic. It was then that I started to notice that this trip had definitely changed me. Not only did a big city like Bangkok overwhelm me but I was also out of facecream and ended up buying one for $10 bucks. What a big change from La Prairie!

The temperature was steaming and all I wanted to do is sit in my hotel room, in AC, not move and be alone out of the mayhem. I did eventually force myself out and saw a few sights in Bangkok and was happy I did.

Boat ride on the canals

When I was in Bangkok I ran out of deodorant. All of them claimed to have whitening properties. Why anyone cares if their underarms are white or not is still beyond me!

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